The Importance of Glassware

posted Monday, Sep 07, 2015  |  06:45PM

M. Liebtag

The Importance of Glassware

By Miles Liebtag
Cavalier Sales Representative
Certified Cicerone ®



Ritual enhances consumption and colors experience. Serving beer in proper glassware is a ritual worth performing; the right glass for the right beer can intensify aroma, accentuate color, and create a memory. When a customer receives her chosen beer in a glass carefully selected for that particular beer or discrete style, it communicates both the value of the liquid in the glass and the thoughtfulness of the establishment. Whether it’s an intensely aromatic double IPA in a tapered snifter, a beautiful golden Bavarian Pilsner in a footed Pilsner glass, or a light and refreshing Kölsch in a short, cylindrical German stange, beer served properly impresses.

Unfortunately, the most ubiquitous beer glass is also the least useful. The shaker pint doesn’t offer many advantages beyond its volume and can actually mute aromas. Many breweries offer branded, style-appropriate glassware; a few, have glassware so unique and strongly associated with a specific brand, that it’s hard to imagine using it to serve anything else.