Careers at Cavalier

The Craft Beer Life

It’s more than a job to us. We live the craft beer life and are brand evangelists for our partners. We are a growing company with great employment opportunities for dynamic, passionate team members. Please click the links below for information about available positions. We offer a full array of standard employee benefits plus a fun, flexible, and creative work environment, as well as beer discounts, oh yeah!

Working in a fast paced, creative environment at Cavalier has helped me elevate myself professionally and given me many exciting opportunities.

Tara Ward

Graphic Designer since 2014

The employees at Cavalier are like family, and I love how no matter when you see each, it's other it was like yesterday. I have visited many places, learned more than I ever could have imagined, and met some of the most amazing people.

Katie Copenhaver

District Manager/Sales Rep since 2012

Harvard Business Review has warned employees to watch out for their 5th year job anniversary and signs of boredom. Having delivered craft beer to hundreds of customers from Pensacola to The Keys and everything in between, I’ve watched the warehouse grow from a half dozen brands to more than 100. I’ve met a ton of great people at breweries, restaurants, retail stores, and pubs, and cut it up with some hilarious coworkers at driver meetings, and worked with hardworking sales reps. It’s been everything but boring. I’m thankful to be a part of the Cavalier family.

Jason Bradfield

Driver since 2013

Cavalier stands to defend and promote true, independent, craft beer from all around the world. That is why I come to work every day and love what I do. Cavalier is a truly passionate company employing passionate people.

Jordan Winchester

District Manager/Sales Rep since 2015


Verification of Employment

Please fax requests to: Human Resources at 513-672-2232.