About Us

Cavalier History

Cavalier Distributing, the Craft Beer Authority, was founded in 1992 by George Fisher, a man who loved really good beer. He named his Cincinnati beer distribution company after his high school alma mater sports team, the Purcell-Marian Cavaliers and made deliveries himself in a 1986 Subaru Hatchback. Having six of eight pallets of beer inventory stolen was almost a fatal blow to the developing company. But the hard work and complete dedication to better beer paid off and, by 1999 Cavalier Distributing began expanding throughout Ohio—from home in Cincinnati to Columbus and Cleveland. Indiana distribution quickly followed in 2002, as sales staff and warehouse facilities increased. Florida joined the Cavalier Distributing service area in 2012.

Today, we operate 200,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to getting better beer to our customers throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Florida. Ireland 1With a humming distribution network of great people and environmentally-friendly delivery vehicles in place, a selection of choice, small batch spirits from around the globe was added to the Cavalier Distributing portfolio in 2014. Whiskies from Kentucky, Australia, India, England and Scotland, German distilled beer spirits, and rums from the Caribbean and South America, to name a few, are now available. These eclectic spirits, designed for sophisticated modern cocktails or enjoyed one delicious sip at a time, reflect the same dedication to excellent beer products embodied by Cavalier Distributing.

The customer-focused employees (now numbering 360), who know and appreciate excellent craft beverages are the reason for our continued annual growth. Today, the Cavalier sales team serves 12,000+ accounts and is keenly focused on excellent customer service and client sales goals. Cavalier Distributing is satisfying the thirst for craft brewed beverages, and as the Craft Beer Authority, is expanding Americans interest in quality local and regional products.


Cavalier Distributing is proud to represent some of the finest breweries from across the United States and the world. We make it possible for our customers to serve the very best craft beer and spirits to their increasingly discerning, appreciative and educated customers.

Core Values

At Cavalier Distributing, we love great beer.

We believe in our people and want them to thrive. We provide ongoing training about our quality products and distribution channels and equip our staff with the tools to succeed.
Cavalier Distributing seeks to exceed the expectations of our customers and set the standard for exceptional service.

Helping the environment by managing our products sustainably is top of mind in our operations.

We not only live in our communities, we serve them as well.

Simply put, our core values are:

  • The love of great beer;
  • Pride in doing the right thing in all things;
  • Having a in-depth understanding of communications;
  • Ongoing Education;
    • Recognized as the beer authority in each of our markets through ongoing training
  • Supplier-Tailored Execution;
    • A proven track record as the preferred craft beer wholesaler throughout all markets we serve;
  • Being a vibrant community partner; and
  • Are Committed to the Safety and Well-Being of our Employees and Partners.