Holiday Cocktails

posted Monday, Dec 11, 2017  |  04:56PM

Spread Holiday Cheer with Cocktails Everyone will Love

Pisco Fall
This cocktail uses Macchu Pisco and Maeloc Apple Cider (Available from Cavalier Ohio). It is perfect for Fall or Winter.
– 2 oz. Macchu Pisco
– 3 oz. Maeloc Apple Cider
– 1 oz. Cranberry Juice
– 1/4 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
– Dash Of Grenadine Syrup
– Apple Rounds
– Brown Sugar
– Cinnamon Stick
Method: Combine all ingredients into shaker. Add ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into half rimmed brown sugar martini glass and garnish with apple round and cinnamon stick. Enjoy!



Bell’s Beer Cocktails
Ring in the Holidays with delicious beer cocktails made with beer from Bell’s Brewing (Available from Cavalier in Florida)! Click here to print your free Bell’s cocktail recipe card featuring the following recipes and more!

Bell’s Roundhouse Kick
– 2 oz blood orange juice
– 1.5 oz Town Branch Bourbon
– 1 tbs agave
– 1 jalepeno, sliced
– 2 oz Bell’s Roundhouse
Method: In shaker with ice, add blood orange juice, bourbon, agave, jalepeno. Shake well, pour through strainer into highball glass with ice, add beer.

Thyme is on Your Side
Rosemary and Thyme tea (boil 1 cup of water, add 3 sprigs of rosemary and 2 sprigs of thyme. Steep for 5 minutes).
– 1 oz tea to 1 oz fig jam
– 2 oz fig syrup to 8 oz Bell’s Christmas Ale
– Garnish with a sprig of thyme

Harvey Weissbanger
– 1 oz Galliano
– 2 oz Orange Juice
– 6 oz Bell’s Oberon
Method: Build in an ice filled Collins glass, stir gently and garnish with a strip of orange peel.