posted Friday, Nov 11, 2016  |  02:40PM

CHICAGO (November 11, 2016) – Forbidden Root Brewery of Chicago announces partnership with Cavalier Distributing. Bars, restaurants, and retailers in the state will begin stocking and pouring Forbidden Root’s unique lineup of brews the week of November 14. Forbidden Root will also be available through Cavalier Distributing in Florida in early 2017. Visit for a complete list of launch events.

Bark, stems, flowers, herbs, spices, leaves, roots, and other foraged flavors have long been part of beer, but botanic brews in America were displaced by carbonated sodas in the early 20th century. At Forbidden Root, this early brewing tradition has been a springboard for great creativity and exploration. “We didn’t invent botanic beer, we simply embraced it,” says Director of Sales Lincoln Anderson.

Forbidden Root Brewery’s rapid growth is indicative of the quality and original beer they are producing. Forbidden Root will be offering their core lineup of brews in Ohio including:

  • Money on My Rind – A 5% ABV witbier spiked with juniper berries and the deliciousness of pure grapefruit, with peppery grains of paradise;
  • Sublime Ginger – A 3.8% ABV dry and creamy wheat beer with a splash of fresh key lime juice, a delicious bite of ginger, honeybush, and lemon myrtle; and
  • Wildflower Pale Ale (WPA) – A 5.6% pale ale with refreshing hop aroma and citrusy character with the subtle addition of elderflower, marigold, and sweet Osmanthus flowers.

About Forbidden Root

Forbidden Root, located in the West Town neighborhood, is Chicago’s first botanic brewery making craft beer inspired by nature. Forbidden Root loves barley, water, hops, and yeast, and uses those as a base to explore a rich world of wild ingredients.  Founded by Robert Finkel, Forbidden Root is a benefit corporation, meaning benefits, other than shareholder value, are built into their operating charter. They donate 100% of all non-consumable merchandise profits to charity. Craft Beer guru Randy Mosher is an equity partner and serves on the Forbidden team as Alchemist. Head Brewer is BJ Pichman, an accomplished brewer in the Chicago beer scene.