IMG_0829 Cavalier Distributing is committed to the core value of sustainability in every area of our business.

We only deliver the freshest beer and spirits, and we never waste it. When packaging updates occur or a short shelf life has expired, we partner with Quality Farms in Dayton, Ohio, to recycle all beer and packaging. Paper, glass and aluminum are environmentally recycled and beer and spirits are converted into ethanol for fuel and high quality livestock feed.

IMG_0835Replacement and newly acquired distribution fleet vehicles are equipped with the latest Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) technology to maximize fuel efficiently and reduce emissions. Encouraging our sales team to use the most efficient vehicles saves more than 16,000 gallons of fuel each year.

We have reduced use of plastic shrink wrap by 40% and continuously monitor warehouse operations for material efficiency. Our employees receive training and incentives to ensure that sustainability is top of mind in all aspects of our business.

Our journey to sustainability led us to look at changes we could make today that would have a positive impact on our global future. Ben Petersen, Director of Operations, saw a way to make a big difference by changing the way we light our warehouse. After doing the research the decision has been made to upgrade from Mercury Vapor Lighting to T5 Lighting with Motion Sensors. T5 Motion Sensor Lighting is considered top of the line, 1 T5 unit gives off the same amount of light as 3 Mercury Vapor Lights. By switching to T5 Motion Sensor Lighting, we will eliminate lighting parts of the warehouse that are not in use, thus making our warehouse significantly more energy efficient.